New TV Obsession: The Cape

Captain America's costume displays many featur...

Superhero TV shows do better when this Image via Wikipedia

I DVRed the pilot episode of The Cape at the first opportunity. When I saw the commercial for it, I knew it was something I’d be interested in seeing. After all, I’d watched Loise & Clark, and I’d meant to watch Smallville. I’d even seen an episode or two of Kyle XY. I love superheroes (we won’t get into why I have yet to watch Heroes, thanks). And this one had something that many other superheroes shoes didn’t: Keith David. Keith David’s voice is one of the most interesting I’ve ever heard. It sounds…conniving, no matter what he says or how he says it. It’s oily. It’s like a snake charmer. It’s wonderful. (He was the voice of Angelina Jolie’s boss in Mr. & Mrs. Smith).

Here’s the thing, though: I knew it wouldn’t catch on. Most superheroes don’t generate enough mystery and ingenue to keep an audience interested for longer than the length of a movie. It’s true; for every hit show based on Superman or Batman, there are several of other caped/masked heroes that have bit the dust relatively quickly. Besides, in a nation gone crazy over Guido’s from Jershey Shore, Charlie Sheen’s “Goddesses,” MTV’s Skins, and Teen Mom, goody two shoes hero shows don’t generate enough drama. No one cares about the loss of justice, civil order, and morals until it actually happens. Nevertheless, I wanted to see it. I still appreciate old fashioned American values…and a sexy man in tights.  

The first episode, a two hour pilot, was as expected: a city is being overrun by the criminal element; a villain emerges; bad things happen (worse than before), and;a regular man “dies” and a superhero is born. The difference? There’s the carnival of freaks living underneath the city, the private firm that takes over the police department, and the fact that the hero takes on the persona of a comic book hero. The cape is pretty cool, too.

I would tell you to keep an open mind, to watch the pilot (which usually aren’t very good, but this one is) and see how you feel about it, only NBC has already cancelled the show due to poor ratings. As it was a midseason add on, I’m not surprised. I’m sure Netflix will have it available soon. If you are ever bored and want to see an episode, it won’t be the worst way to waste an hour. After all, you could be watching The Jersey Shore or The Bachelor.

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