TV on DVD Made Simple–Thanks, Netflix!

A little while ago, Netflix decided to change the way they organize their TV on DVD watch instantly selections. Before, you used to have to look up each season individually to see what Netflix had available and/or to watch the next season of your show of choice. Now that’s a thing of the past. Netflix began putting the seasons of TV shows together in a more user friendly bundle. Now, when you click on Lost, for example, all of the episodes that are available to watch instantly are all there in one place–every season flowing one into the other from the same page.

This is big new for someone who spends a lot of time catching up on TV through Netflix. This makes Netflix the best place to catch up on episodes. I can go from episode to episode across seasons without leaving the viewer. My On Demand doesn’t allow me to do that. Now if only CBS would stop ruining my life and allow episodes of their shows to be available to watch instantly, my life would be complete (I mean really, why should I have to wait for episodes of The Mentalist and NCIS in my mail? That’s preposterous!)

How do you get your TV? Do you go on to the official website and stream? Do you use Hulu? Do you use On Demand or DVR episodes? Do you use Netflix? Or do you watch TV the old fashioned way–on TV at the time it airs?

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One Response to TV on DVD Made Simple–Thanks, Netflix!

  1. lisaakari says:

    I noticed this too. My Battlestar Galactica zipped up into a nice package!

    Thanks for the pingback 🙂

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