Tune in With 2blu!

I’m starting a new tradition: Tune in with 2blu. It’s kinda like Watch with Kristin, but a) it rhymes and b)It’s not relegated to TV only. I watch a lot of things and I want some interaction, so here’s my first attempt to blog regularly and get your opinions on things. That brings me to this weekend.

Finally, the movie gods are smiling on me. There are actual movies I want to see coming out this weekend! Yay! 😀 Here are my top three picks for the weekend:

1. Jumping the Broom: Finally, a positive black romantic comedy/predominately Black cast without Tyler Perry (I appreciate you, Tyler, but I’m estatic to see a new type of comedy)! Not only that, they have Angela Bassett AND Loretta Divine. Paula Patton is also starting to grow on me, after seeing her in Just Wright.

2.) Thor: I love these superhero action movies. Whether it’s Iron Man, The Green Hornet, Batma, Hancock, X-men, or Spiderman, me and the boyfriend see it in theaters. Whether or not the story is good, it’s guaranteed to be special effect laden and have great crowds opening weekend.

3.) Something Borrowed: Even though I haven’t read the book, if you say romantic comedy and give me a good enough story line, I’m in. Throw in that girl from He’s Just Not That Into You (who’s always adorable), Kate Hudson, and Jon Krasinki (sp?), and I will gladly spend a couple hours laughing and sighing along.

Of course, I  probably won’t get to all of those this week. So I need your help with this first Tune in with 2blu. Which of these movies are you/would you go see? What should I spend my (the bf’s) money on?

Since we’re going to the movies together, who wants to stop at Coldstone’s after? To let me know you participated, just send me a picture of your ticket stub(s), a thumbs up/thumbs down, and your Coldstone creation (should you indulge) by Monday at 5pm, and I’ll feature you on Tune in with 2blu Tuesdays! Just leave a link to your post about it in the comments, or send picture(s) to: 2blu2btru4u@gmail.com.

This is going to be so much fun!

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